RFS Facility Emergency Plan (FEP)


The Richmond Field Station (RFS) Facility Emergency Plan (FEP) identifies persons responsible in an emergency within the facility. It also includes recommended procedures for responding to emergency situations including hazardous material releases. All faculty, staff, students, UC tenants and long-term guests of the RFS should be familiar with important elements of the FEP. Individuals need to become familiar with the contents of the document, the person he/she has to report to after evacuating the building (roll taker), and where their assembly area is located. Listed below is a sample list of items covered in the FEP:

  • When and how to evacuate a building and the facility.
  • Evacuation routes, exit points, where assembly areas are located and the exit points of the facility.
  • Locations of emergency supplies, materials and stations used in an emergency, such as; fire extinguishers, pull alarms (where applicable), first aid kits and AED machines.
  • Proper procedures for summoning emergency assistance at any hour.
  • Emergency responsibilities such as; being a roll taker, floor monitor, Department Safety Coordinator or Building Coordinator during evacuation.
  • Potential exposure to hazardous materials or processes in and around the work area, as well as means of protecting one’s self in the event of an emergency.

To continue reading please download the 2020 FEP for the RFS.  Copies of the FEP are kept in Building 478 (RFS Operations Main Office) and at the Office of Environment, Health & Safety, 317 University Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA  (510-642-3073). This document was prepared using the BEP template from UC Berkeley.

Non-UC tenants have the option to adopt the FEP or to prepare their own emergency plan which should be consistent with all applicable regulations. Copies should be submitted to the RFS Facility Manager and to EH&S.