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Cybertran is a unique passenger rail system that works more like an elevator than a traditional system. Rather than running on a defined schedule, a computer-controlled system responds to passenger needs in real time. Passengers input their destinations at a station, and after a small amount of time has passed, vehicles arrive to deliver the passengers directly to their destinations. Multiple small vehicles and off-line stations allow for this level of flexibility and responsiveness.


Earth Team is a nonprofit environmental education service provider founded in 2000.  Its Sustainable Youth Internship program seeks to innovate environmental education by supporting college and career preparedness for at-risk students from Title 1 public high schools in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. EarthTeam internships are the only yearlong after school internships in the Bay Area that offer an immersive experience over 120 hours per year to 150 low income, minority enrollment students each year.  Our program uses a community-connected,  project-based learning approach supporting informal STEM and NGSS standards to help low-income students envision science and technology career alternatives in their future. Through stewardship, leadership and service activities students develop a sense of belonging and self-esteem that helps  strengthening the social fabric of their community in the face of environmental and socio-economic adversity.


ErgoMek, LLC, located in Richmond, CA, was established in 2013Building upon the success of the UC Ergonomics Program with their Universal Drill Press, ErgoMek has improved the durability, safety, and efficiency of the device, bringing the DrillBossTM up to commercial standards and making the product available nationwide. Our team has years of experience in prototype design, fabrication, and testing of concrete drilling assist devices. The DrillBossTM represents almost 10 years of development and roughly 250,000 holes drilled.


Intellergy is a California Corporation that has developed a leading edge “renewable energy” technology and has customers poised to deploy our systems.  Intellergy Corporation provides an innovative “Steam/CO2 Reforming” process that converts organic feedstock into renewable products and energy. The technology can convert materials such as paper, plastics, biomass (greenwaste, agricultural wastes, forest wastes, and animal manures), municipal solid wastes (MSW), wastewater treatment plant solids (biosolids), and medical waste, into sustainable products without combustion. Its proven patented technology processes organic materials into a high-grade syngas, which then can be used to produce renewable energy products, including sulfur and nitrogen-free Fischer-Tropsch products, such as liquid fuels including diesel, middle distillate, mixed alcohols, jet fuel and paraffin products, electricity (via fuels cells, turbines, or CAT syngas engines), and renewable hydrogen.


Marine Advanced Research, Inc. is working on the WAM-V™ -Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel, a new class of watercraft based on a patented technology that delivers a radically new seagoing experience. These ultralight flexible catamarans are modularly designed to allow for a variety of applications and to fit the requirements of specific users, missions or projects.


New Sun Road is a UC-Berkeley-born California technology company committed to implementing solutions to climate change and global energy poverty, providing electricity to communities, health clinics, and education centers in remote and challenging environments. NSR brings expertise in finance, engineering, economics, and conservation to partnerships with local operations in rural, developing economies to design, build, and operate clean, renewable power systems. NSR currently has on-the-ground operations in East Africa and Vietnam, and is growing its team while scaling up microgrid projects in Uganda.


Nourish Technology Inc. is revolutionizing the way food is ordered, cooked, and consumed. Our vision is to remake the food ecosystem and make healthy, delicious, affordable food more accessible. Our first concept, Breakfast Box, is fueling better mornings with the most convenient, consistent, and delicious breakfast sandwich and coffee experience.


The mission of the Watershed Project is to educate and inspire communities to protect their local watersheds. The Watershed Project has innovative programs in three main areas: workshops for educators and the general public, support for creek protection groups, and a marsh and grassland restoration project incorporating community support and education. By sharing information on the environment in and around the San Francisco Bay–and by providing citizens with the means to act on this information–the Watershed Project empowers present and future stewards of the San Francisco Bay with the confidence and skills they need to actively participate in decisions affecting the protection and use of California natural resources.